Meet the Even Capital Team

By women for women

Launched in 2021, Even Capital is the brain-child of New Zealand entrepreneur and investor duo Anna Stuck and Sarah Park.

Inspired by their own observations and experiences as influential women in the business and investment world, Even Capital was founded on the distinct ambition to even out the balance when it comes to giving female-led / female-founded businesses the opportunity to access the funding they deserve, yet often miss out on.

Steering away from narrow-focus sectors and free to make nimble yet robust decisions around investments without a cast of investors and consultants, Anna and Sarah are at the forefront of female-founded, female-funded and female-focussed capital fund investment for growth-stage businesses in Asia Pacific.

Leveraging their own money to give Even Capital lift-off, investments in pioneering technology and diagnostic businesses are already underway and more are waiting in the wings as word spreads about the undeniable impact and importance of Even Capital’s approach to investment.

Anna Stuck

Co-Founder & General Partner


A passionate social entrepreneur and investor, especially in the female-focused space, Anna’s background spans a unique range of experiences from healthcare to

Anna’s desire to champion brilliant initiatives through dedicated venture capital investment for women inspired her and Sarah to join forces and create Even Capital, with a clear purpose and drive to shake up the venture capital landscape.


Sarah Park

Co-Founder & Managing General Partner

Sarah is an avid investor in early-stage companies, sharing with Anna a particular interest in visionary female-driven companies.

Following an extensive career in corporate finance and capital markets, Sarah evolved her focus towards full time investment and governance. Alongside her involvement in Even Capital, Sarah holds Independent Directorship and Audit and Risk Chair roles across a number of prominent organisations. Sarah drives the day-to-day management of Even Capital.


Kathleen Lucere

Investment Manager

Kathleen has an extensive scientific background including years of experience in the medical and neuroscience fields, and a PhD in Biochemistry, with a special interest in venture capital investment in innovative science and deep technology companies. 

The shared alignment between Even Capital’s ethos, and Kathleen’s personal values and goals to contribute something greater than herself in order to help others, will see her work alongside the research analyst team.


We match our commitment to investing in female entrepreneurs who are creating solutions for a better future for all, by donating 5% of our distributable proceeds to the Clare Foundation when we successfully exit an investment. Clare is a progressive philanthropic foundation that wants more for our people and planet; just like us.

You can learn more about Clare here —