Our portfolio is in continual growth mode as we discover and invest in opportunities that benefit people from all walks of life.

A wide parameter of interest means we can get behind ideas and people involved in a variety of sectors, so without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our current investment partners…


Sharesies’ purpose is to create the most financially empowered generation. As the most popular and fastest growing investment platform in Aotearoa, Sharesies provides more than 440,000 people with access to global shares with no minimum investment.

We want Australians to have access to the same money opportunities that we’ve successfully provided in Aotearoa. Even Capital’s investment in Sharesies has helped to grow the Sharesies brand globally, starting with launching in Australia.


Orbis Diagnostics

Orbis Diagnostics believes making complex medical testing simple and accessible whenever and wherever needed is key to overcoming some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Since establishment in 2016, Orbis has demonstrated the agility of its platform technology to miniaturise and simplify lab tests for both animal and human health applications. Orbis is establishing channels of sale through nationwide pharmacies and government to make its immunity test widely accessible for its customers. Orbis has partnered with IDEMIA, a globally leading biometrics specialist to integrate the Orbis solution with IDEMIA’s digital identity credential innovations trusted by governments and health providers around the world.

Even Capital’s investment will be used to advance the productisation of Orbis’ technology and allow Orbis to reach market entry.


Easy Crypto

Established in 2018, Easy Crypto offers a secure, simple and easy-to-understand way to get involved in the cryptocurrency market, with a mission to democratise finance by providing access to financial products and services enabled by blockchain technology.

Even Capital’s Series A investment in Easy Crypto will expand the range of products and services available, and support growth globally. Currently operating in four markets, and seeking to expand further in the Southern Hemisphere, Easy Crypto has a particular interest in countries with low rates of banking access.



Founded after a traumatic birth experience, mechatronic engineer and mother Dr Sarah McDonald created Baymatob, an AI-guided maternal and fetal diagnostics company based in Australia with a passion for addressing unmet needs in women’s health. 

Baymatob’s innovative wearable device Oli uses artificial intelligence to identify mothers during labor who are at high risk of developing postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) well before giving birth. 

PPH, or heavy bleeding after childbirth, is a serious complication of pregnancy and is the world’s leading cause of preventable maternal death. One mother dies every seven minutes due to postpartum haemorrhage globally.

Partnering with Global Bio Fund, Even Capital has invested in Baymatob’s A$4.6m Series A fundraising round to support the inspiring female leadership team and the company’s ongoing in-human clinical development and path to commercialisation for Oli.




Finding the simple joy in cooking during the Coronavirus lockdowns was the inspiration behind ReciMe, a social cooking platform with a mission to empower everyone to find their passion for cooking.

Created by three passionate home-cooks based in Melbourne, ReciMe harnesses the universal language of food to bring together cultures, families and communities, through the opportunity to easily capture and share treasured recipes, while finding culinary ideas to answer the age-old question “what’s for dinner?”.

From motivating grandparents to finally revealing their generational secret recipes, to singles sharing what they whipped up on a first date, ReciMe is seeing 50% month on month growth in subscribers and has now secured a total of $500,000 in pre-seed funding from major investors including Even Capital.


Dennisson Technologies

Dennisson Technologies is an Auckland-based wearable device company that uses smart material technology to develop low profile, cost-effective Force-Feedback Platforms for Virtual Reality and Human Capability Augmentation.

Co-founder and CTO Kimberley Banez, a Chemical and Biological Engineering graduate with a background in Materials R&D and Analytical Laboratory Testing, is now spearheading Dennisson Technologies’ deep-tech R&D efforts to create new and innovative wearable technologies that aspire to make a positive impact.

Personal experience seeing the struggle his Dad had to go through while suffering from Poliomyelitis, inspired Co-founder and CEO Anvil Banez’ research into active exoskeleton devices as his 4th year thesis at the University of Waikato, which won him the Innovation Award for his year.

With a strong drive to help those with limited mobility, Kimberley and Anvil founded Dennisson Technologies Limited together to redefine human capability into the future.



Woolchemy is an innovation ‘mother’ company, formed with one goal in mind: to transform an abundant base material [wool] into something more valuable, using sustainable, environmental and ethical processes. Their focus is finding new applications for wool in non-traditional markets through continual research and development, especially when it comes to  healthcare products.

Led by two women founders, they created the neweZorb process, an eco-friendly wet treatment process that makes sheep wool ultra absorbent and super-hydrophilic. The output is still 100% wool, with an altered molecular structure to be moisture loving. neweZorb wool absorbs from 1500% – 2500% its weight in moisture, compared to 30% for conventional wool, while neweFlex is a thin wool composite textile so versatile it can be used in feminine hygiene, nappies, nursing pads, bed pads, pet pads and wound care products.


Daisy Lab

Daisy Lab believes in using science to improve humanity, investing in research and development of precision fermentation food technology, which holds the potential to revolutionise the food industry and help address global challenges around climate change and food insecurity.

Precision fermentation is a rapidly growing field enabling the production of high-quality proteins and other biomolecules without the need for animal agriculture.  Pioneered by a trio of female founders, Daisy Lab’s groundbreaking technology uses microbes to produce these proteins and by doing so, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as well as land and water use in an animal friendly way.


Better Packaging Co

Better Packaging Co. are environmentalists, designers and entrepreneurs who believe that waste is a design flaw.

A BCorp founded by New Zealand duo Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar to reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic packaging starting with eCommerce / courier packaging, Better Packaging Co. develops sustainable packaging solutions that consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw material sourcing, right through to end-of-life disposal.

They believe in a new eco-nomy – a circular economy in which generating waste is not an option and the earth’s resources are not treated as infinite.

The Better Packaging Co. is now the world’s leading provider of home compostable packaging designed to support eCommerce, from courier satchels and padded mailers, to poly bags and thermal labels.  The company is also ‘Climate Neutral’, offsetting their operations by 100%.



Modern life is busy and at times it’s challenging to feed little ones fresh nutritious foods prepared from scratch. Founded by clinical nutritionist and mother of four Gina Urlich, Norish was created to provide nutritious baby foods and family meal boosters that harness the goodness from mother nature’s wholefood, while giving you  peace of mind they’re getting all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Tired of the Big Bad Baby Foods in supermarkets… highly processed paste, heated to temperatures that destroy nutrients, then fortified with synthetic vitamins & preservatives, Gina knew there had to be a better option for babies and busy parents everywhere, and Norish was born.

Norish is the recipient of the Electrify Accelerator 2023 Even Capital investment.



After watching so many of their colleagues quit because they couldn’t achieve their career goals where they worked, GoFIGR co-founders Helena Turpin and Nic Lindholm decided to leave their corporate roles to help companies develop and retain their talent.

Australian-based GoFIGR is more than just an internal talent platform; it’s an ecosystem, bridging skills and opportunities to engineer a space where talent is recognised and nurtured – ensuring both individual growth and organisational excellence.

Even Capital is proudly investing in GoFIGR, AUD$2.75m seed round, alongside Aliavia Ventures, Antler, Sprint and Wollemi Capital.

Perfect for mid-large companies, a market segment underserved by the incumbent enterprise offerings, GoFIGR assists organisations that want to understand their employee skills and aspirations, boost employee career development and internal mobility, connect their employees to all available development opportunities like projects, mentors and learning, and stop the revolving door of talent and increase employee retention.



Growing up as elite female athletes, Femmi founders Lydia and Esther faced pressure to train in a way that was right for men, but not for them.  Ultimately, their health and performance suffered, and it’s that experience that motivated them to empower women through movement, education and connection.

Femmi is the app for women who run, dynamic to your menstrual cycle and driven by your running focus, helping women learn more about their bodies and how to move in a way that gives them confidence. Backed by a team of women’s health experts and running coaches with a proven track record and a strong vision, Femmi is here to challenge the outdated idea that periods limit performance.


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