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Growing up as elite female athletes, Kiwi-born Femmi founders Lydia and Esther faced pressure to train in a way that was right for men, but not for them.  Ultimately their health and performance suffered, along with the self-esteem issues rising from the pressure to hold themselves to unrealistic standards, and it’s that experience that motivated them to empower women through movement, education and connection.

Originating as a one-on-one coaching business in 2020, Femmi has evolved into an app for women who run, dynamic to their menstrual cycle and driven by their personal running focus, helping women learn more about their bodies and how to move in a way that gives them confidence. Backed by a team of women’s health experts and running coaches with a proven track record and a strong vision, Femmi is here to challenge the outdated idea that periods limit performance.

With a long-term ambition to become a global platform supporting women of all ages, fitness levels and movement types, Femmi has been developed to go beyond running and embrace a spectrum of exercise types. Over 1,200 users of the app were gained in the first two weeks of availability, and the highly-engaged community is set to swell as Femmi grows its R&D and expands their team, thanks to early investors including Even Capital.

“Femmi and the founders ticked so many of the boxes for us when we met up and went through our due diligence process,” says Even Capital co-founder Sarah Park. “A solution for women, designed by women, for women who run, with the capability and vision to go global and expand – it’s a recipe for success.”