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Material technology company Woolchemy is set to revolutionise the global personal care materials industry, having raised 1.5 million NZD in venture funding, proudly led by Even Capital.

The investment will be used for global expansion and commercialisation of its two core products: neweFlex, a moisture distribution layer in single use items such as diapers, and menstrual support and neweZorb, a durable, superabsorbent material for reusable hygiene products. These fabrics are sold to global external manufacturers to use in their own line of products.

“Woolchemy holds enormous potential to not just innovate, but to redefine the personal hygiene category at a global level, and alongside the all-female team, that really motivated us to lead this investment round,” says Sarah Park, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Even Capital.

“Not only is the scale of the opportunity for the technology impressive, but the solution will enhance the economic return for Kiwi wool farmers and strengthen the profitability and viability of the sheep farming industry, one of our nation’s primary exports, well into the future.”

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